About Us

Hazrat Baba Fareed u Deen Masood Ganj Shakar purified Ajodhya of its polytheism and disbelief and transformed it into Pakpattan. Millions of astray people embraced Islam and were destined to attain will of Allah the Almighty. In the present times, the fertile land of the city of Fareed was awaiting a certain standard institution, that could produce Doctors, Engineers, IT Specialists and the likes. The professionals that could join the mainstream to serve the country and nation and glorify the name of Pakpattan. The Abaidullah Educational Complex undertook this huge responsibility to transform dreams of parents and students at Pakpattan. The institute was founded in 2008 and the previous results proved that the institution honored its claim and promise. In 2014, the institution achieved the board positions within some years of its establishment, which no other institution could achieve earlier in 68 years of this district history. In the history of this District, Abaidullah Educational Complex achieved more board positions and therefore it was ranked one of the best institutions of the country. In the short span of only one decade, 2008-2018. This is the only institution of this district which not only retained its previous achievements along with board positions in other campuses, too, but also it succeeded in securing title of the District Topper Institute. Teaching methodology corresponds to the intermediate standards. The students and parents admit our untiring efforts. The best professionals educate F.Sc Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering and Computer Sciences classes. We are well determined to groom and edify each and every individual of the land of Fareed and to set the best precedents in the world of education. In the previous 3 years, the 630 Abaidians who got admissions in the best professional institutions of the country are witness of our dedication to professionalism. To promote education to individuals of other cities and to continue the same noble cause, two more branches have been established in two other cities; Haveli Lakha and Minchinabad. The project to establish other branches in other districts is also underway. The institution owns the buildings of campuses and they are purpose built. There is standard facility of Hostel for the Pakpattan Students. The rise in the number of admissions testifies the confidence of parents in us. We shall leave no stone unturned to come up to the expectations and to justify our claim of dedication to professionalism.


We provide quality college education for our students, to develop their potential to the full and to prepare them for the challenges in life.

Our Mission

We deliver professional services and ensure effective use of resources. We forge partnerships to promote excellence in college education.